Holidays to Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

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Puerto de la Cruz is perhaps the oldest tourist destination on the island. The name translates to Port of the Cross and the port has a rich martitime history dating back as far as the 1600s. Fishermen still operate from the harbour today. Tourism to the area started over 100 years ago. Before the tourism boom of the 1960's and it's demand for sun, sand and fun, it was rare for tourists to venture south of here. Visitors were attracted to the tropical climate which is in contrast to the south's dry weather.

Beach at Puerto de la Cruz

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It's not just the weather that separates the north from the south, there's a cultural divide too. You'll find plenty of history here in Puerto de la Cruz; it's evident in is architecture with its Spanish colonial designs. The resident population of over 35,000 helps give the impression that you're experiencing the real Tenerife. The town is also a popular destination of the Spanish tourists who are perhaps attracted to it's cooler climate in the summer months when compared to mainland Spain.

Situated in the centre of Puerto de la Cruz is the Plaza del Charco de los Camarones, which is popular with both locals and tourists alike. It has the best selection of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes in the resort. Puerto de la Cruz's old town has properties dating back over 200 years old.

Lido Martianez at Puerto de la Cruz

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Puerto de la Cruz is not famed for it's beaches. although it does have a 1km stretch of coastline stretching from the San Felipe Castle through to the Punta Brava district. There's also the 8 acre lido called Lago Martianez which has natural salt water swimming pools, waterfalls, and fountains - reputed to be the largest lido in Spain. Playa Jardin is a waterfront beach garden created in 1992 is one of the favorite spots to bath in the area.

Dolphins at Loro Parque

Photo used under Creative Commons from DHausBT

For animals lovers there is the Loro Parque (Parrot Park) which is claimed to have the largest collections of parrots in the world! It's not just parrots as you'll find gorillas, penguins, an aquarium, sea lions and dolphins.

If plants are your thing then you have the Botanical Gardens set up in 1788. There are hundreds of varieties of plants on view including a 200 year old fig tree. Also on offer elsewhere is the Bananera el Guanche which is an old banana plantation. Here you find, not surprisingly, varieties of banana along side other fruits such as papaya, mango and custard apples. There's a cactus garden too.

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