Los Gigantes; Playa la Arena; Puerto Santiago

Los Gigantes; Playa la Arena; Puerto Santiago are close neighbours on the southwest coast of Tenerife. So close in fact that it's hard to tell when you've left one for the other. These three resorts are the last you'll find as you head north along the western coast of Tenerife. To the northwest is a rocky landscape, largely uninhabited.

Acantilados de los Gigantes - The Cliffs of the Giants

Los Gigantes takes it's name from the Acantilados de los Gigantes, which translates to "The Cliffs of the Giants" and it's easy to see why the resort takes this name. These 800 meter tall cliffs rise almost vertically from the sea and dominate the coastal landscape here. It therefore comes as no surprise to find that the resort itself can be a little up and down; perhaps not the best place to come for those how might struggle with the high inclines.

Los Gigantes Marina

Photo used under Creative Commons from computerjoe

There is a well equipped marina at Los Gigantes which has capacity for 368 craft with a length not exceeding 20m. All pontoons are equipped with mains and fresh water. The marina is regarded as possibly the best in Tenerife which has had a positive effect on the resort itself, bringing wealthy yacht owners to the area. The marina also extends the range of watersports available as you can book big game fishing, cave cruising, water ski, banana boats etc from the marina. The marina is also one of the departure points for Dolphin and Whale spotting trips. Find out more by visiting losgigantesmarina.com

Playa la Arena (Beach of Sand)

The resort of Playa la Arena (Beach of Sand) is one of the few resorts on the west coast of Tenerife to boast it's own natural beach. Try not to be put off by its black volcanic sands as this beach has been awarded the internationally recognised Blue Flag.

Acantilados de los Gigantes - The Cliffs of the Giants

Photo used under Creative Commons from computerjoe

Puerto Santiago

Although hard to imagine now, but Puerto Santiago was once a small fishing village. The small Museum of Fishermen (Museo Pescador) bears testiment to this past. Puerto Santiago is a relaxed resort with a good selection of bars and restaurants. There's also some good shopping to enjoy. The resort's beach is small and lacks the facilities of it's nearby bigger brother, Playa la Arena.

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